Paramount Studios: My faux/pseudo office

19 Jun


The bright side of having a “home” office is you can really work from anywhere. I was lucky enough to have a friend who was so generous and has offered her place of work as a pseudo office when I’m in the area. Erin Humphrey, thanks for lending me the ever so awesome, friendly, interesting place to do my work: Paramount Studios.

Needless to say, my obsession to anything Glee is only part of the reason I choose to spend most of my week days here… But in all honesty it’s really nice just to be close to one of my bestest friends! That’s the main reason of me intruding her office. That, and her awesome co-workers, free studio tours!

I’ve had some pretty cool encounters since first stepping foot on this haven of celebrity history. I’ve seen the sexy boys locker room of Glee


I’ve got to sit on the infamous Forrest Gump bench


And of course see some semi cool celebrities (Disney stars whom I’ve never heard of). But I must say. If there was any place i’d want as a faux office it’s definitely the Paramount Studios. Thanks Humpy!


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