WebMD: I guess I have cancer

19 Jun


I have always been over dramatic. A tiny sniffle, I have pneumonia. A headache, I have a brain aneurysm. A weird freckle appears, it’s skin cancer. So when I caught wind of WebMD symptom checker it was only a matter of time when I was going to start self-diagnosing myself.

I already had an unbearable need to do this-I would google search every single symptom I was feeling until it came to the conclusion that it was MS or some other absurd disease, and then call my dad (whose a doctor) in panic. Now that I have a new medical bible, the phone calls to my father have increased immensely.

Now it’s getting to a point where if something was actually wrong with me it’ll just seem like an over exaggeration, like all of my other ridiculous calls, and no one will take me seriously! Similar to “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

I’m at a serious standstill. Do I continue to hassle my father and risk having people never take me seriously? Or freak out in silent agony. Decisions. Decisions.

Lucky for my Dad my sister is now going to PT school, so she is occasionally getting the calls. But what does she know, she’s not even getting her PhD. (kidding, Annie, I know you’ll read this). But at least now I have a second outlet to release my unreasonable fears. So thank you Annie, you now have the lucky burden of my incessant calls and my endearing freak outs.


One Response to “WebMD: I guess I have cancer”

  1. Annie July 3, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    I am getting a better degree then a PhD. I am getting a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, which is much more practical than a PhD. Excuse me? 🙂

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