A run in with the FBI

28 Jun

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that growing up i was a trouble maker. In fact, some might even go as far to say that is an understatement. I definitely put my parents through hell and back. So this next story, too, should come as no surprise. My run in with the FBI when I was 12.

I can say with 100% certainty that I was just a bystander to this awful debacle. Yet some how I was seen as an accomplice. It all dates back to the beginning of middle school, when our very own entrepreneur, Marc David, started selling candy and soda out of his locker. He was the go to for all the goods. You wanted a snickers during class period, or even something as crazy as fun dips, Marc was the “dealer”. It was only a matter of time when this little grocery store of his would truly turn illegal.

Quick pause before I dive further into the story, i would like to reiterate we were only 12. At that age when you do something illegal you don’t really know or understand what you are doing is wrong (at least for me i didn’t).

Okay, I will continue now. I think Marc took his entrepreneurial skills just a little too seriously. Selling candy and soda pop on the “black” market” wasn’t enough. He wanted to one up himself, and he did. Some how he got his hands on (or he designed and created it, I am still not entirely sure) some forged money. As a little girl who hadn’t had much experience with real money, I thought the idea of this was the coolest thing. I, of course, had no intention of using it  anywhere, except maybe at Marc’s Candy Shop. I was 12, what did I need to buy?

Well, apparently other 12 year olds had other plans in mind, because one did attempt to use it. At our local grocery store. This was a big deal, considering using forged money is a felony (or something…). And serious actions had to be taken. So serious that the Federal Bureau of Investigations had to come all the way to middle school and talk to all the kids involved. Imagine the surprise of a 12 year old girl getting called to the principles office to talk to the FBI. I almost shit myself.

Me as a little girl (on the right)

Such an innocent child I was. My immediate thought, after my meeting with “The Man”, was I’m going to jail. Then was proceeded by anxiety and total disarray. My parent were going to be so disappointed! I was never going to go to college! I am was a criminal. Needless to say, the next day or so I was a total and utter wreck.

Those emotions quickly passed as days turned into weeks and I hadn’t heard back from my friends over at the FBI. They probably thought this 12 year old criminal mastermind was behind it. But in reality, it was just a normal 7th grader just trying to make his way in the world of IMS (Islander Middle School).

Until next time. Oh and HI Mr. B 305.


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