Auntie Em–There’s no place like home.

9 Jul

An aerial view of Bellevue, Mercer Island and Seattle.

Nothing like an impromptu trip home to make you appreciate it’s beauty. There truly is no place more beautiful then Seattle (in the summer). All throughout high school I was that teenager who had nothing but negative things to say about their hometown. “I hate it here.” “Everyone sucks.” “I can’t wait to leave and go to college.” I guess it goes without saying “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone” because the minute I got out of Seattle, the only thing I wanted was to come back.Which is why it’s funny I ended up in Los Angeles. My five years at college (yes, I did a victory lap… I wasn’t ready to leave) I kept telling my friends and peers that no matter what happens come graduation day, I am moving back to Seattle. Well, WALLA! Graduation day came and passed–and I am still not where I thought I would be. Don’t get me wrong, LA is gorgeous. The beaches, the men… but that’s as far as LA’s beauty goes.

Needless to say, this trip back to my beloved hometown made me realize two things. 1. I freaking love Seattle and 2. I FREAKING LOVE SEATTLE! Ever since coming back “home” to Los Angeles, I have felt like something was missing. It’s hard to explain, I guess I just don’t feel “whole”. Is it the weather? No, probably not–the weather is as unpredictable as Oprah’s weight. Is it my family? Well obviously I miss them every day… but it’s not what is making me feel this emptiness. I can’t pinpoint it, but all I know is that I need Seattle. it’s like a drug addiction and i won’t be cured until i get my fix.


Holy Hell. It’s too beautiful.

Now the question lies–what do I do? So if anyone out there is actually reading this (which as I have figured before, is very very few) Help me decide what to do? Do I stick in out in Los Angeles, where my potential to be happy is limited? Or take a gamble and follow my heart back home where I have thought I was always destined to be. Decisions, decisions.


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