Not Your Average Dream Job

10 Jul

Most little girls dream of what they want to be when they grow up–it can range from anything such as a princess to something as ambitious as being president. I, on the other hand, never had such a dream. In fact, for as long as I can remember I just wanted to be rich. A trust fund would be suitable. I was lazy and I had accepted that. Being a princess took too much preparation, and President, well let’s just say that never once crossed my mind as a glamorous job. So you would think, once I got to college I would have some type of epiphany and my dream job and future profession would come to me. Well it didn’t. I saw all my friends around me figuring out their majors and finding their “careers” while I was stuck in between journalism, communications, media arts, sociology, psychology… etc. Whatever took the least math, I’d claim it as my own. So it should come as no surprise when I graduated college I was still at a loss for what I wanted to do. (Not much has changed, just to warn you… since moving to California I have lived in three different houses and ‘maintained’ three different jobs. I am indecisive. So be it)

Much to my prevail, while watching a marathon of Criminal Minds and CSI I think I found my calling. Law enforcement. But not just any type of law enforcement–I would never be a cop because growing up they had such a negative connotation that the idea of being a cop was like scratching nails on a chalk board. It gives me goosebumps and not the good kind. And I most certainly did not want to be a security guard, because lets be honest–that’s like being the red headed step child. It’s not even a real cop. Just a pathetic little man (or women) in a so called ‘powerful’ uniform. No no, I wanted to be THE law enforcer. I wanted to solve the mysteries and fight the bad guys. I wanted to problem solve the shit out of these cases. I decided that I wanted to join the Behavioral Analyst Unit (BAU) in the FBI. Granted I have never been very patient, detail oriented, or brave for that matter after watching 10 hours (they’re hour long episodes) of Criminal Minds, I was convinced I could do it.

I scurried over to my laptop and started researching it. After hours (and by hours i mean 10 minutes) i read that your degree had to be criminology related and even after your bachelor degree there was still some training and classes you had to take. My dream was shattered. I had a hard enough time going through college once…and anything that takes up that much energy was clearly never my dream to begin with. i figured watching the shows and figuring them out before the end would be the closest I’d ever be to joining Hodge’s team. But until the day I decide that all that tedious work to become a Behavioral Analyst is worth it, I guess watching the show and reading books will have to do justice. IN FACT, i am in the middle of reading a book that I think everyone should stop what their doing RIGHT NOW and purchase it. It’s called THE HACKER by, Ken Corre. If you happen to enjoy mysteries and sheer suspense then this is the book for you. A masterful page turner that will make you wish you were a detective.

So until the next real housewife marathon that catches my eye, I’ll secretly always have a dream to work at the BAU.


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