My Mute Friend

25 Jul

In middle school I went through this awkward phase where I wanted to be Avril Lavigne. So naturally I did everything to recreate myself as a “punk rock skater” chick. I started wearing vans, put on a heinous amount of eye liner and even straightened my already too straight hair. There was nothing cooler then a skater in my eyes. Thankfully I had a few friends who agreed with this trend and joined in on some of the ridiculous procedures to “follow it”.

One specific memory I have at the skate park was with my friend Katy (Koot) and Erica. Erica was my fellow “punk rock skater” chick, and Katy was coming around for the first time. Erica and I thought it would be funny if we told all of our skater friends that Katy couldn’t speak. That she was, in fact, a mute. (I don’t know how we got Katy to play along with this prank, and I don’t know why we thought it was so funny at the time, but she did, and…we did).
So, for the whole day we pretended to sign and include Katy in anyway possible. One particular skater friend (Julian) got really frustrated and angry with this, because he had a sneaking suspicion we were lying (as we were). But we could not let him in on the prank. We had to continue this facade that our friend was mute!

–Keep in mind, pretending someone can’t speak is hard, especially when this one loves to laugh. Not to mention it was kind of cruel we did this, but like I said, it was funny at the time… plus we were 12 year old pretending to be punk rockers–

Eventually Katy’s false front was figured out due to her speaking–we were caught!!! Although it would have been better if we left that skate park that day with them thinking our friend was mute, I am still pretty impressed that we played it off for quite a few hours. I mean, I know myself, and i sure as hell couldn’t keep quiet for more then 10 minutes!

Until next time bloggers.

(But while you have to wait: here is a music video of my life circa 2000-2001)

Avril Lavigne-Skater Boi


One Response to “My Mute Friend”

  1. Katy July 30, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    Ahh middle school. Such fond memories.

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