The Mercer Island Beach Club (enough said)

9 Aug

ImageThere are so many images/memories that come to my mind when i think of the Mercer Island Beach club. But there are two specific memories I am about to talk about (one now and another in a part two). I will go ahead and use code names so I don’t embarrass anyone. (Well one friend in particular…and after reading this they will be thankful i did so!) So as we got older our need to sneak out became more infrequent–because now we grew some brains and decided it’d just be easier to lie to our parents. We no longer had to pretend to be in bed by 11… because our parents all thought we were sleeping out. Walla–problem solved. So in one of our many nights out on the town we enjoyed spending it at our beloved “Beach Club”.

Both memories I am about to enlighten all of my few readers about all have to do with three of my favorite subjects back in the day–older boys, booze, and police. Well the third not quite so much. But they were a pretty prominent part of my childhood, therefore I love to hate them.

The first story was on a beautiful Summer night in Seattle. One of those days/nights that makes the rainy season (the other 11 months in the year) worth enduring. It was beautiful and a perfect night to hang around outside at our local hot spot. The Beach Club just had a massive party where there were kegs galore, and unlike the kids of Mercer Island, the parents apparently couldn’t hang and had many left overs. Us under-agers took this as a perfect opportunity to create mischief. A group of us, a couple of my girlfriends and few older boys we pined after, were hanging around the bonfire (I can’t quite remember if it was actually lit or if we just sat around it in the dark) either way we decided it was time to take a dive in the pool. (The great thing about the older boys we were with, was they were the “hotties” who worked the Beach Club in the summers… so sexy with their tanned teenage bodies, they new the ins and outs of the Beach Club). So we snuck into the pool and were enjoying ourselves. Ya know jumping in off the diving board having a good time. One of my friends even decided it would be fun to take a skinny dip. Well as she started to undress we noticed we weren’t alone. It was dark in the pool area and we saw a flashing light circling the area we were playing in. Following the light came a deep voice, “Who’s down there?” UNfortunately for my naked friend she had no where to hide. All they had were there lounging chairs that were see-through. With nothing else to cover her body she decides to hide under one of these chairs anyway. As we all scatter around the pool the police man shines the light directly at my friend and shouts “we can still see you.” Image

We were all frantic, we had no idea what to do. Granted we were all under age the boys were freaking out more because they were over 18. So they could get in more trouble. We all run and decide to hide in the boiler room. (it’s as creepy as gross as it sounds). Some how a few of us didn’t quite make it to the room, it was me, my naked best friend and the older boy who I was so “madly in love” with at the time. Our other friend and the other older boys were missing. I was worried about my friend but I was more worried about not getting an MIP to really care (obviously was a good friend back then). We paced back in forward around the tiny hot dark room thinking our lives were going to be over. When all of a sudden the boy I liked decided he was going to leave the boiler room to make sure the coast was clear. I was really against this idea because I felt like we needed to stick together, but he left anyway. What seemed like an hour, but was most likely only 5 minutes, I started crying to my friend. “He left us he left us. I knew he would. were going to die in here” (remember I was dramatic). My friend tried to console me but nothing worked. I knew our destiny and it didn’t look good–that was until the door swung open and my love was back. He was here to save the day! I quickly wiped my eyes as we slowly tip toed out of the boiler room. He told us that they left, but those damn Mercer Island police were sneaky, for all we know they were hiding in a dark corner waiting for the opportune time to come out and attack. We knew we had to be more discreet.

Once we passed the snack shop (which was close to our escape house) we hauled ass. We ran as fast as we could back to our friends house (who luckily rented the property directly on the Beach Club) We ran upstairs and the two other guys were there–but our other friend wasn’t. I started to worry immediately, until one of our guy friends (the littlest of them all, love him still best friends with him) told us when he saw the police he immediately found our other friend sleeping on the diving board, ran over scooped her up and threw him over her shoulder. What a gentleman, he then mentioned he put her downstairs in the shed because he didn’t want to carry her upstairs. When we found her she was curled up in a ball on the floor of the downstairs shed. It was classic.

Later, after we felt we were all safe and sound we were all laughing around the main room and continuing the drinking. We found out that one of the other guys when the police came didn’t know what to do so slowly went down to his knees and eventually laid flat on his stomach … i wish i could show you what he looked like, but it was hilarious. Our other older guy friend didn’t think twice about any of us and just ran back to the rented house. While my friend my love and I were stuck in a dirty room. it was only fitting.

Eventually, after all the chaos we all tried to go to bed. But every time I go back to the Beach Club (even though they have completely renovated it) I will always remember my time hiding in that damn boiler room. Nothing like the brush with the police to really make you think about your actions (I say that lightly because a few weeks later a similar situation happened again–at the same spot).

Thank you MIPD for always keeping us on our toes and keeping things interesting.


5 Responses to “The Mercer Island Beach Club (enough said)”

  1. admirer August 10, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    Whoa your naked friend sounds hot

  2. former naked friend August 10, 2012 at 10:49 am #


  3. The Littlest Guy August 20, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    still one of my favorite stories to tell

  4. Sleepy Friend August 21, 2012 at 6:10 am #

    “I was worried about my friend but I was more worried about not getting an MIP to really care”

    • mbshort22 August 21, 2012 at 10:18 am #

      Oh i know. I was seriously such a selfish (shelfish) bitch back then! Everythings different now!

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