Places I Want To Go

I am going to discuss here places in the future I’d like to someday visit. I have never been much of a traveler, and I figure if I talk about it enough I will eventually venture my way to these places.

So here it is–the list of places I will one day vacation at.

1. Bali

Dreamland Beach, Bali

There’s really no rhyme or reason on why I chose Bali first. In fact, I didn’t even realize how bad I wanted to go there until this post. I was sitting here thinking, i know there are thousands of places I’d LOVE to go,  but for some reason Bali came to me first. I mean, looking at the picture above there it should come as no surprise. It’s absolutely beautiful. Plus, there’s nothing wrong about sandy beaches with a beautiful bed of water to look out to. So one day, hopefully soon, in the future I will be vacaying comfortably on Dreamland Beach, Bali.

2. Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia

I was going to study abroad in college, but I decided to postpone my European travels for reasons I would prefer not to verbalize. But the place I was going to do my studies at was Spain. I had a whole itinerary planned out for my semester across sea. And Barcelona was number one on my list of places to visit. (I was going to study in Seville). Well Since I chose to stay in Arizona…I never got that chance. So, one day, I will myself get to take a picture of La Segrada Familia and maybe even party on La Rambla street.

3. Sydney, Austrailia

Sydney Oprah House

Sydney is a place I’ve always seen my self visiting. It has everything I need in a vacation spot, hot men, sandy beaches, and even sexier accents. I have yet to meet an Australian man who I find unattractive. For all I know their face could be disastrous, but once they open up their mouth and release that beautiful accent of theirs, their ugly face turns into a masterpiece. Obviously the men are a very small part of why i want to visit. I have heard nothing but amazing things about Australia and it’d be interesting to see the toilet flush the opposite way. One day, if not in the next year, I will venture to the Land Down Under.

4. Thailand

My parents recently just traveled to Southeast Asia and their pictures were phenomenal. It only confirmed what I already knew–I needed to go visit. Thailand is my first stop on my Southeast Asian tour. I mean just look at it–it’s beautiful. The only thing deterring me away is the supposed bugs that wander around the country–but I think i can look past a couple of creepy creatures for the beauty that is Thailand.

5. Berlin/Munich, Germany

While on my European tour Germany is definitely going to be one of my first stops. There is something about Germany that has always drawn me to it. I have always wanted to go. In fact when I graduated from college my parents were going to take me to Europe for graduation and I got to choose three countries, and out of all the amazing countries I could see, Germany was in my top three. So one day Germany, i will get to brace you with my presence. Bis zum nächsten Mal Deutschland.

6. Ireland

Anywhere that encourages drinking is definitely a place I want to visit. Which is exactly why Ireland is one of my top destinations. Not to mention it is incredible gorgeous. Even before P.S. I Love You came out, and we discovered how good looking and sweet the men are, there is something about the country that just pulls me to it. When I was considering going abroad Ireland was definitely in my top 3 countries in where I wanted to go. And soon enough i will be able to.

7. Costa Rica

I recently put an idea in my head that I wanted to visit Costa Rica–and once I get an idea in my head it doesn’t go away until it’s fulfilled. I decided that I wanted to go abroad. But when I say go abroad I don’t mean do the typical European vacation, I want to do something good with it. I chose to volunteer abroad, or work in a school for underprivileged kids. First stop on my volunteering adventure: Costa Rica. There’s something about Costa Rica that feels right. I am not going to lie, it’s nice that there are beautiful beaches there–but it’s also a place I can get out of my comfort zone and hopefully find who I am! So, in a year a so lets keep our fingers crossed that I am jumping on a plane on my way to volunteer in the beautiful country of Costa Rica!

8. Israel

The trip to Israel will have to happen before I am 26–being that it will be a free trip (birth right). Which doesn’t mean that is the only reason I want to go. There are so many reasons to visit Israel, for example: it is the Spiritual Haven of the world, there is so much history not just on a personal level (where the ancestors are from, but just from all of the history that has happened there on a world wide basis as well). I just truly believe that it is a place that everyone should try and go once in their life. The fact that I have the opportunity to see this place on someone else’s dime just gives you more incentive to go as soon as possible. So as of now, I have two years to plan my trip!

9. Ibiza

My infatuation with Ibiza started long before I knew it was a place–I fell in love with it near the end of middle school/beginning of high school when I discovered Escada’s seasonal “Ibiza” scent. After I found out it was an actual place I knew I’d have to visit it! Then after a couple of my close friends traveled abroad and visited the Island of Ibiza it was a done deal. I knew sometime in my life (and hopefully in the near future) I’d be setting foot on the gorgeous Island. The Mediterranean sea, Parties, and BEAUTIFUL beaches–what more do you need?

10. Japan

I’ve always been told I look semi-asian. And as odd as it sounds, I think everyone in my family has always felt a tad bit Japanese. So I would love to go and visit my “homeland”. My only set back–when eating Sushi they get offended if you use too much soy sauce? Might be a problem.. either way, can’t wait to one day make it to Japan!


11. Belgium


As I continue my research into teaching abroad I came across Belgium. Obviously I have heard of the country before, but I never really thought of it as a desirable place to travel. Until now. Now I am deciding between this beautiful country and the gorgeous country of Costa Rica. There are so many perks to this ahhh-mazing country–great chocolate, heavy beer drinkings, and of course the obvious beautiful scenery etc. And the main thing that really caught my eye: Kattenstoet (aka the FESTIVAL OF CATS!) Even if this isn’t the place I do my travels to teach–I will definitely be traveling there sometime in the near future!


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