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My Mute Friend

25 Jul

In middle school I went through this awkward phase where I wanted to be Avril Lavigne. So naturally I did everything to recreate myself as a “punk rock skater” chick. I started wearing vans, put on a heinous amount of eye liner and even straightened my already too straight hair. There was nothing cooler then a skater in my eyes. Thankfully I had a few friends who agreed with this trend and joined in on some of the ridiculous procedures to “follow it”. Continue reading


“Closing time… “

15 Jul

“…Time for you to go back to the places you will be from.” –Semisonic

As I have already expressed in a previous post I made the decision to move home. And the date of departure is approaching pretty quickly. This decision was a long time coming and now that I finally made up my mind I feel like I can step back and finally relax. I haven’t been this happy in a while. But that doesn’t mean in the slightest that I am not sad. I am so sad to leave the amazing friends I have reconnected with as well as the ones I’ve made. Which, they’ve all been ABSOLUTELY amazing.

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Song of the now

10 Jul

Apparently I heard this song first when i was a sophomore in college and living with my friend Samantha at the University of Arizona, but was reintroduced to it a couple of weekends ago in San Luis Obispo and haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Enjoy.

Paramount Studios: My faux/pseudo office

19 Jun


The bright side of having a “home” office is you can really work from anywhere. I was lucky enough to have a friend who was so generous and has offered her place of work as a pseudo office when I’m in the area. Erin Humphrey, thanks for lending me the ever so awesome, friendly, interesting place to do my work: Paramount Studios.

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Just another day in the life...

The Glamourai

Just another day in the life...

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Just another day in the life...

Short Tales

Just another day in the life...