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My Mute Friend

25 Jul

In middle school I went through this awkward phase where I wanted to be Avril Lavigne. So naturally I did everything to recreate myself as a “punk rock skater” chick. I started wearing vans, put on a heinous amount of eye liner and even straightened my already too straight hair. There was nothing cooler then a skater in my eyes. Thankfully I had a few friends who agreed with this trend and joined in on some of the ridiculous procedures to “follow it”. Continue reading


A Casual ‘Booty Call’

12 Jul

In middle school my friends and I, as Miley put is so graciously,  ‘could not be tamed’. We loved the older boys and we would do whatever it would take to hang out with them. If that meant sneaking out of our house at 11 o‘clock, then so be it. If that meant bending the truth to another on AIM to get them to bicycle over, then I guess a little white lie never hurt anyone. Needless to say, we were rebels and we didn’t care what consequences it had.

Since my parents were deep sleepers and I had a door to the backyard next to my bedroom when we did sneak out (which was like every weekend) these festivities usually took place at my house. Once my parents said their goodnights and we heard their door close, thats when all the fun began. In all honestly, I sometimes think the build up to the sneak out was the best part. There’s so much planning to be done. And you have to make sure every detail is in place or it will screw your cover. For example you have to make the perfect pillow person under your covers. That way if your parents check on you in the middle of the night it just looks like your sound sleep. One thing I always did was walk around loudly upstairs so my parents knew for sure I was home, you know for a midnight snack. Then, I’d choose all dark close. Because you know–we had to be stealth. Once everything was in place and we had all of our shit together….off we went.

So sneaky–they’ll never know.

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