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The Perfect Procrastination Tool

20 Aug

The 36th Avenue

My new favorite obsession. I could spend hours on end entertaining myself with the amazing DIY projects. I suggest all of you to stop what you’re doing right now and find your next project immediately! I know my Mom and I are about to tackle on the “best chicken enchiladas“. I’ll tell you how they turn out!

Until next time friends and family 🙂

via. The 36th Avenue…make it EXTRAORDINARY! 



18 Jul

I’m about to divulge in my past a little more–and perhaps make some of my few (very few) readers I have think less of me…or maybe just think differently. My parents, oh my poor, poor parents. They were the ones who had to deal with me when i was a little girl. i wasn’t always the easiest child, I very rarely cooperated. Not only did I have a knack for causing mischief, I also had a shrilling scream that could literally shatter glass. I used this specific “talent” frequently. To this day my closest family friends like to remind me how obnoxious and loud I was. One specific time that my parents enjoy reminding me about was when I was a lot younger–in fact, I was so young I don’t remember this personally, I only know this actually happened because of the many times I’ve heard it from my mother. Continue reading


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