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Runaway Train

26 Jul


I’m going to make this brief. I thought this story is fitting for the upcoming events of Seafair. This was a couple years ago, I was in college but not yet 21. But naturally “DGAF” and got wasted anyway. Seafair days consist of Mardi Gras-esque antics on the water with a break around dinner, maybe a quick catnap, then fraternity late night type partying for the rest of the night. So I was on my dinner break. I thought it’d be nice to get home to a home cooked meal, relax for a minute or two and then head out for the nights activities.

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Song of the now

10 Jul

Apparently I heard this song first when i was a sophomore in college and living with my friend Samantha at the University of Arizona, but was reintroduced to it a couple of weekends ago in San Luis Obispo and haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Enjoy.


Just another day in the life...

The Glamourai

Just another day in the life...

Skinny On Nutrition

Your inside scoop on food, health, and wellness

Just another day in the life...

Short Tales

Just another day in the life...